Dial-A-Shot on Flickr

The curtain came down on poor ol’ Dial-A-Shot eight years ago with the intention of curating the behemoth that had reached over 14,000 pics. But recently Flickr granted every human on the planet a whole terabyte of space; enough to hold a half million pictures at hi-res. And I was feeling a bit nostalgic. So I began uploading. Everything. No curating. No Editing.

It took me 4 days to finish just 2003. After a break I’ll start up again.

You’ll have to sign up for Flickr and add me as a “friend”. I’ll have to do the same for you to see the photos. Sorry for the inconvenience. There are some compromising images and I can’t let them show up on a Google image search.

I recommend watching the slideshow on a laptop or a real computer. Not only are 3600 photos too much to click through, some of the truly bad shots become a lot more interesting. And choose a Dial-A-Shot set — not the Photostream — if you want to watch time go by in proper order. If you just can’t take it anymore but you don’t want to lose your place, just save a bookmark. You’ll come right back to where you left off. And STAR YOUR FAVORITES so you can find them later.


  • Comment where you’d like.
  • Label a pic with someone’s name — or yours.
  • Spread the word.